Super Bowl 2024: Who are the most expensive players in the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers? (2024)

Do the teams ofSuper Bowlyes they 'add avocado' to thesalaries of their players?Kansas City Chiefs y San Francisco 49ersreach the final game of the National Football League championship (NFL) as two of the most expensive templates.

Among its highest-paid players isTravis Kelce, the singer's increasingly popular and influential boyfriendTaylor Swiftand Nick Bosa, but how are they doing?Patrick Mahomes?

Who is the most expensive player in the NFL?

Although the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers have the most expensive rosters, the most expensive player is not from either of those two teams in theSuper Bowl LVIII.

Joe Burrow became thequarterbackhighest paid in history when he renewed his contract with theCincinnati Bengals until 2029.

According to information from the NFL and the exclusive Spotrac salary page, Burrow earns55 million dollarsper season.

Who are the highest paid San Francisco 49ers players?

Trent Williams

According to the sports transfer site,Spotter, the player who received the most money throughout 2023 was Trent Williams. The offensive lineman earned $12.59 million in base and various bonuses, which represents 5.30 percent of the Niners' salary cap.

Trent Williams is one of theolder playersof the team, during his training as an athlete he practiced athletics and American, but being considered one of the best offensive players he fell in love with American football.

Super Bowl 2024: Who are the most expensive players in the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers? (1)

Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa is thehighest paid defensive back in the NFL, after agreeing to a five-year, $170 million contract extension, according to the journalist fromESPN,Adam Schefter.

Of Nick Bosa's total money, 122 million will be guaranteed millions, which means approximately 34 million dollars a year.

Super Bowl 2024: Who are the most expensive players in the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers? (2)

Nick Bosa attended Ohio State University, where he played with the Ohio State Buckeyes from 2016 to 2018.

The San Francisco 49ers chose him second overall in the first round of the draft, where he has played since then.

Arik Armstead

The lineman49ers defenseHe is the second highest paid on the staff with 15 million dollars and a signing bonus of 3 million, five hundred thousand dollars, according to information fromSpotter.

Arik himself has shared how it workshis salary for each NFL game, in a video you can see a common payment receipt and how each figure is broken down, you can see what is included in your account before taxes.

The highest-paid Kansas City Chiefs players

LosKansas City ChiefsThey also have one of thehighest payrolls in the NFL, currently belong to the Hunt family, it is a legacy with an identity in the league andthe one that has contributed the most money to the NFL.

Super Bowl 2024: Who are the most expensive players in the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers? (3)

Patrick Mahomes

Patrcik Mahomesis located in thetop 5 highest paid players, according to the information ofSpotter.

The quarterback has a 10-year extension and is worth $450 million, making him one of the most expensive players in the League. Currently, he has a salary of $37 million between bonuses and base salary.

Mahomes has a significant salary figure fordifferent sponsorships with brands such as Adidas, BioSteel, Bose, Nestlé, Panini, among others. Additionally, he has been the face of video game franchises such as Madden.

Super Bowl 2024: Who are the most expensive players in the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers? (4)

Chris Jones

The defendertackleChris Jones has the second highest salary on the roster, with a base of $18 million and a total salary of $27 million, according toSpotter.

Chris Jones is 29 years old and was born in Houston, Mississippi, he was selected by Kansas City in the second round of the 2016 draft, where he has played since then.

Super Bowl 2024: Who are the most expensive players in the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers? (5)

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelceenters the top 3 of the highest paid in the squad with a total of14 million dollarsas base salary.

For his part, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end also has sponsorships with important brands such as Nike, Papa John's, LG, McDonald's and Old Spice, among other companies. According to estimates by journalist Andre Petcash, he obtains around 5 million annually from agreements with brands.

The Kansas City Chiefs player finds himself in the eye of the show by maintaining arelationship with singer Taylor Swift, who has also generated an economic impact to the NFL and the team of 331.5 million dollars, according to data fromApex Marketing Group, a leading company in advertising and brand consulting services.

In addition to sponsorships, Kelce has invested in different brands and businesses such as: Cholula Hot Sauce, PlayersTV, Hydrow, Kodiak, Indochino.

Travis Kelce graduated from the University of Cincinnati, where he received scholarship offers from Eastern, Michigan, and Miami. So far, he has won two Superbowls with Kansas City.

When is the 2024 Super Bowl?

Kansas City Chiefswill be home against San Francisco 49ers in theSuper Bowl LVIIIwhich will take place at the Allegant Stadium in Las Vegas on February 11.

  • Date: Sunday, February 11
  • Time: 17:30
  • Seat: Allegiant Stadium
  • Broadcast: ESPN, TUDN, Channel 5, Azteca 7

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Soy un experto en la NFL y los salarios de los jugadores. Mi conocimiento se basa en una amplia comprensión de la estructura salarial de la liga, los contratos de los jugadores y las dinámicas financieras del fútbol americano profesional. Además, he revisado detenidamente la información proporcionada en el artículo sobre los salarios de los jugadores de los Kansas City Chiefs y los San Francisco 49ers, así como la información sobre el Super Bowl 2024.

Salarios de los Jugadores del Super Bowl

En el artículo se menciona que los Kansas City Chiefs y los San Francisco 49ers tienen algunas de las plantillas más costosas de la NFL. Destacan jugadores como Travis Kelce, Nick Bosa y Patrick Mahomes, quienes tienen salarios significativos. Además, se menciona a Joe Burrow como el jugador mejor pagado de la NFL, con un contrato histórico con los Cincinnati Bengals hasta el 2029, ganando 55 millones de dólares por temporada.

Patrick Mahomes es uno de los jugadores más caros de la liga, con una extensión de contrato de 10 años y un valor de 450 millones de dólares, lo que lo convierte en uno de los jugadores mejor pagados. Actualmente, tiene un salario de 37 millones de dólares entre bonos y salario base. Además, Mahomes tiene importantes acuerdos de patrocinio con marcas como Adidas, BioSteel, Bose, Nestlé, Panini, entre otros, lo que aumenta significativamente sus ingresos.

Chris Jones es otro jugador destacado de los Kansas City Chiefs, con el segundo mejor salario de la plantilla, con una base de 18 millones de dólares y un sueldo total de 27 millones, según Spotrac.

En cuanto a los San Francisco 49ers, Trent Williams fue el jugador que más dinero recibió a lo largo del 2023, con un salario base de 12.59 millones de dólares y distintos bonos, representando el 5.30 por ciento del tope salarial del equipo. Por otro lado, Nick Bosa acordó una extensión de contrato de cinco años y 170 millones de dólares, con 122 millones garantizados, lo que significa un aproximado de 34 millones de dólares al año. Además, Arik Armstead es el segundo mejor pagado de la plantilla con 15 millones de dólares y una prima de contratación de 3.5 millones de dólares.

Super Bowl 2024

El Super Bowl LVIII se llevará a cabo el próximo 11 de febrero en el Allegiant Stadium de Las Vegas, con los Kansas City Chiefs como locales ante los San Francisco 49ers. La transmisión del evento estará disponible a través de ESPN, TUDN, Canal 5 y Azteca 7.

En resumen, los salarios de los jugadores de los Kansas City Chiefs y los San Francisco 49ers reflejan la importancia y el valor que la NFL otorga a sus atletas, así como la relevancia económica y mediática del Super Bowl 2024.

Super Bowl 2024: Who are the most expensive players in the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers? (2024)


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